Astronauts of Antiquity (AoA) Innovative Pop Alternative Group

AoA on AS IT IS radio
AS IT IS radio Sunday October 9th at 3pm on with host Laksmi Nrsimha das and special guests B Rhyan and India of the innovative Pop alternative group AoA. (Astronauts of Antiquity). The prolific and thoughtfully spiritual husband and wife co-founders of the group will be discussing with Laksmi their “Music with a Message” and the path that lead them to their destiny. I have much more to say about these mystical artists extraordinaire but better you hear from the music critiques and the group themselves about their music and the sonic tsunami it is creating.
“Superb musical instincts that enliven their verbal attack with melody, surprise, and physicality…push the envelope in a number of subtle ways…We need music like this today – music that delivers a message without ever forgetting that popular music’s first mission is to make people move rather than merely making them think.” – Indie Music Reviews
“What is there to say except that this group’s musical genius brilliantly and beautifully brings all these genres off into a wonderful blend of extraordinary musical melodies that moves the soul, the mind, and gives the listener a higher plane of listening pleasure to their senses.” –
Astronauts of Antiquity BIO
Luminous electronic soundscapes, tantalizing dance rhythms, pop-conscious melodies and provocative spiritually infused lyrical themes. Astronauts of Antiquity project a vibrant spectrum of textures to convey music that is both intuitively accessible and emotionally expressive.
Fronted by the exquisitely articulated and cloud-penetrating vocals of the group’s co-founder, India, the musical collective is propelled by the inventive guitars of B. Rhyan and orchestrated by the trio’s resident sonic wizard and programmer, Ivica. The cooperative songwriting reveals a mercurial pastiche of themes and sounds. “We’ve designed it so you might not get it right away,” explains B. Rhyan. “We want the sound to be multi-dimensional, inviting the listener to look a little deeper, to expand on the ‘mysteries of life’ aspects.”
Join us this Sunday for an enlightening discussion on music, bhakti and the world they live in.

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